Urlbox is a URL/HTML to PNG/PDF/ ... API that allows you to render perfect screenshots and PDF documents from a URL or from HTML.

Use Cases

Urlbox has many different use cases, spanning several industries. Below are a few examples of how you could use the Urlbox API:

  • Generate social media sharing images by embedding the Urlbox link directly in meta tags
  • Save an image of dynamic user-generated content
  • Build a website inspiration gallery
  • Ad tech: Create assets / artifacts for advertising networks in various dimensions
  • IP infringement: Monitor websites to ensure that they are not using your brand's IP
  • Generate PDF invoices from a URL or HTML
  • Take hourly screenshots of various news websites
  • Render website thumbnails of a list of URLs from a Google Sheet or Airtable Base
  • Preview different headlines / copy on your clients' websites
  • Schedule and compare screenshots over different time frames
  • Run a 'sanity check' screenshot to check that your site looks good at different viewport sizes before releasing
  • Screenshot and archive Google search results for various search queries
  • Generate PDF catalogues of social media influencers, PR campaigns, etc.
  • Use it for internal tools
  • and many more!

In general, there are two ways to call the API: Synchronously using the GET api, or asynchronously using the POST api.

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