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Urlbox replaces manual processes for ReviewTycoon and their customers.

Review Tycoon

Over 500 review sites with more than 160,000 reviews are powered by ReviewTycoon.

I used to have to visit every website, take a screenshot with a keyboard shortcut then upload manually via FTP. Urlbox makes it so much easier, everything is automatic and I don't have to ask my customers to install browser plugins.

Our mission is to make our website as easy as possible for all our customers. It's way more difficult to use other services - it can take 5 minutes to add a review! Thanks to Urlbox it takes like 10 seconds.

I love the support that Urlbox provides. Normally when I have a new feature request like WebP images or blocking cookie popups, I email support and get a response saying it's already possible - within minutes.

Rutger Tolenaar
Rutger Tolenaar
Founder, ReviewTycoon


Oegstgeest, the Netherlands

website screenshot of generated by

Urlbox's support of emojis was a big signal that it could replace our own service. It was a simple replacement - a real success story for us.

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Jānis Peisenieks
Jānis Peisenieks // Head of Engineering, Whimsical


Riga, Latvia

It's so evident that Urlbox really cares and pays attention. It's rare that I need customer support but, when I do, I know one of the team will get right back to me.

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Mike Schauer
Mike Schauer // Founder,


New Jersey, United States

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