Bulk screenshot generation with Urlbox

Grab screenshots from a list of 100s of URLs

Have you ever wanted to grab screenshots from a list of 100s of URL's stored in a spreadsheet? Great news: with the Urlbox Zapier integration, you totally can, and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

Step 1:

Let's assume you have a spreadsheet with a list of URLs, one on each row:

a spreadsheet of URLs

Step 2:

Create the following zap in Zapier:

Zapier zap with trigger and two actions

Be sure to feed the URL column from the first step, into the URL input of the Urlbox action.

Step 3:

screenshots in Google Drive

Run the zap, and check your screenshots in google drive:

You can also use our Zapier integration to schedule screenshots every hour/day/month etc.


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